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The team at Straight Line Global has worked with 100’s of insurance carriers and self insured entities. We are proud of our track record that includes measuring claims performance, collaborating with our clients to identify opportunities for improvement, providing multiple options for improving performance, executing the agreed upon plan, measuring results, and demonstrating sustained performance improvement. Our past and current clients continue to be complimentary of our results driven by technology deployments and processes improvements.

Just a few of our specialities

  • Consulting
  • Networks
  • Technology
  • Polls and Surveys Deployment
  • Claims Services
  • Estimate and Bill Reviews
  • Data Analytics
  • Performance Improvement
  • Testing
  • Selection
  • Field Services
  • Call Center
  • Performance Measurement
  • Benchmarking
  • Integration
  • Preferred Pricing
  • Vendor
  • Inside Adjusting Services

Offer to First Time Clients:

We offer our first time clients a free consultation and data analytics package along with benchmarking against their peers. With our first consultation, we identify at least one opportunity for improvement and we provide a cost benefit analysis of a proposed improvement plan. Our solutions are tailor made for each client and they can include a hybrid of process improvement and technology. We utilize methods that are proven to drive desired results while reducing cost. We are so confident in our track record of success that we will not only guarantee measurable improvement but also expense reduction with each of our custom solutions.

our Success stories

  • Reduce Loss Adjusting Expense:We have successfully reduced "loss adjusting expense" by integrating self service technology and enhancing triage processes. Our solutions identify the optimal combination of independent adjuster networks, managed repair networks, and emergency mitigation services. We are proud that we have also reduced indemnity and cycle times with each LAE reduction project.

  • Reduce Cycle Times:Our inventory management process and method of selecting the most appropriate adjuster for each assignment allows us to project cycle times before claims are assigned. Our assignment process is proven to drive industry leading cycle times as measured by XactAnalysis.

  • Improve Indemnity Accuracy:We understand the role of estimating platforms like Xactimate and Symbility, therefore, our estimate scrubbing solutions ensures adjusters and contractors are not misusing these programs to inflate estimates. While our indemnity accuracy projects usually reduce indemnity, they also reduce supplements as we catch estimates that are under written as well as inflated.

  • Minimize Supplements:We understand insureds who receive a check within 10 days of filing a claim are less likely to file supplements and they are more likely to be satisfied with their claims experience. Our deployment of self service applications integrated with managed networks of service providers enable each insured to have their claim settled faster and with greater satisfaction. This process is proven to reduce supplements.



Our headquarters are in Jacksonville, FL and we are also where our clients need us to be. We understand some of our solutions may require extended periods of time at our client\'s locations. We are flexible and accommodating to these needs wherever they may be. Our networks also span the entire US and include adjusters, contractors, emergency service providers, and engineers.

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